Hello everyone,
I just wanted to say that I have always enjoyed the unshaven women. The look of the female hairy armpit is like a little peek of what is under the pantys. And I so love a hairy bush to no end. A women who does not shave is a true women in my eyes. She knows who she is, and what she is doing in life. And when it comes to Jazmin, she is a true women. She is very beautiful, funny, carring, and loves to get to know us as members. When I sent her my first email, I thought it was going to weeks to get a response, or not get one at all. But, When I received a reply the same day, I was besides my self. I don't remember the exact thing I said, but I know it was about loving her site so much. Her reply was short and simple as well. something like, thank you so very much hun. Since then, I have sent her countles emails, she always responds when there is a need to, sometimes the next day, but never over that. She is a very sweet and loving person. I have been a member to her site now for 6 months, and will remain a member for years to come. She has become a great friend of mine. I have bought her panties, socks, armpit trimmings, pussy trimmings, her armpit scent, (which is a secret how she does it, you will love it if you buy her armpit scent), her toe nails, pussy pops, her used up T.P., hair from her hair brush, and most fav was the pussy baggie. You have to ask her about it. The taste of her pussy is GREAT 😛 What makes it even better, is she sends you photos as well of her using or playing with the items so you know it is her.
Love you so much Mistress Jazmin

If you have a fetish for buying worn panties or real amateur pictures and video you need to read this! I have bought worn panties from many different buyers some good and others not so good. I came across HairyJazmin.com and decided to order a pair of her worn panties. I soon found out what worn panties were really all about!
The experience was unlike the others I had bought from! When I opened the zip lock bag the sweet and VERY strong scent was such a turn on, it was like she just took them off. The thong was still moist and had definitely been worn for more then a day, which was as long as the others I bought from would wear them. I asked afew of the sellers I bought from to wear their panties for 4 days and they thought it was too much to ask. But Jazmin was more than happy to fulfill the request! At first I wasn't sure if she was being serious but after getting her first package in the mail I was convinced!
Jazmin sent me everything I asked for and some extra's too including a signed thank you card and a few hairs from her beautiful long bush! Hairyjazmin.com is her website and has lots of photo galleries that will turn you on and enhance the experience of having her panties worn just the way you want. Jazmin is a sexy and down to earth real women who aims to please! Check her out!
Thanks Jazmin
aka: Thong Collector

Mistress Jazmin, What can I say but thank you for your amazing shows you give. You truly are the best and I am so in love with your unshaven armpits and your wonderful hairy pussy. I will be ordering a pair of you panties in the next couple days. :-D.... Thank you so much for being the women of my dreams.
With lots of love

Hey Jazmin,
I joined your site today, and may I just say.......
I love your pix and vids. I so need more hours in the day to get threw them all. I thought I was going to pull little me off a few times I got excited seeing everything!!!!!!!!!
Your newest member of lust

Hello Jazmin,
I received your socks in the mail today. WOW!!!!! What more can I say about them. The "scent of Jazmin" is the best smell I have ever had the privilege of enjoying. Putting in an order for your moist panties next!
Smelling you,

Hello Jazmin,
I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to make sure your panties were perfect. It is so easy to tell that you care about what you send out. I have never received a pair of panties that smell fresh 3 weeks later like yours do. I am so lost in the thought of, should I buy another pair, or just keep enjoying the pair I have to see how long they will last? Who am I kidding, send me another alertpay request. And send me anything you wish. I know they will be great. One more thing. I also loved the signed card and the certified dirty stamp. LOL It was great!
Panty Man

Mistress and my Goddess,
Thank you for taking the time to chat with me as you do. You are a truly great Mistress to me. I bow to you and serve you till the end of time. I am still enjoying the socks that you sent to me a few weeks ago, and I just opened up the box with the bra and panties I ordered from you. I can not explain to you how much I love them! They are not only cute, but the smell is so wonderful.
Love you and only you my mistress

Hey Jaz,
I just wanted to say that I love your site. It one of the best sites I have ever joined. You look great, and you can tell you really enjoy doing what you do. I love the lactation pics and videos the most!

Hey Jazmin,
Thank you for the special order you sent me. I have asked so many sellers, and you were the first to be able to do it for me. It was such a great idea you had to get your armpit smell to me. You have a great wonderful scent and my cock became so big so fast. Please enjoy the pics I sent you of me enjoying your armpit smell. I can't wait to get the socks I ordered today from you.
sniff sniff.
Mr. my nose knows