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I need to be spoiled! Show me how much you love me!!!!!

I have had a lot of offers, so here you all go....
Follow the wish list link below by clickon on the fetishfactory banner. It will take you to my very own wish list...If, and only if, you buy two pair of the same panties or pantyhose, or three pairs of socks: leggings, stockings, you can get a pair of them from me after I wear them for a few days. I will also give a you 7 day free pass to my site at
How do you get it?
Option 1:  Go to my wish list, find a pair of panties or pantyhose that you really like, order two pair to be sent to me, then, make sure you email me at telling me what you are having sent to me. I will send you a payment request for $10.00 (to help cover the cost of shipping) and that will be it. In the email, you will also need to give me your mailing address so I know who and where to ship the panties or pantyhose  you ordered for us. On the socks, leggings, tights, and so on, everything else is the same, but make sure you order 3 pair and $8.00 for shipping. Don't forget to email me so I know where to send you item.
Option 2: Order 1 pair of panties or pantyhose and have them shipped to me. I will need another $15.00 for this order. Some for shipping, and a little for me. Once you order and have them shipped, Email me so I can send you the payment request and so I know where to ship them as well. For the sock lovers, After you order one pair, I will send you a request for $12.00, wear them for a few days to get them smelling nice for you, and ship them to you.
Sorry, but no free pass with option 2
Option 3: Its called lets make a deal. Example, I had a wonderful man buy me 4 different pairs, and I sent him one pair, then another pair two weeks later. What extra he pays is between he and I, just like it will be for you and I.
Hugs and kisses
Your Hairy Mistress

Thank you for visiting my little page where you can show me even more love. Every women loves to be spoiled from time to time. And that rule goes for your hairy mistress as well! By clicking on my Fetish Factory wish link above, you can make your mistress very happy. Prices on items I have on my wish start at $4.00 and go all the way up to $400.00. I am happy for every gift you choose to send me. And yes, if you still wish to send my a money donation, one of my fave gifts, just email me what you would like to give, and I will send you an alertpay payment request for that amount.
Thank you all for the great gifts you give!
hugs and kisses
your hairy mistress

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