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Are you into buying a nice used pair of panties? Do you like them to have the sweet fresh smell of pussy? Do you like to see that white creamy spot from a juicy pussy? Then you want to buy my panties. Let me explain why I have the best you will ever enjoy!
Body hair carries thousands of sweet smelling hormones called pheromones. Pheromones will stimulate your senses at least 5 times more than with out. This is something you already know seeing you love to sniff panties. So, just remember, of all the pantie girls in the world, fuzzy Girls, like me, bring the most delicious scents of them all! Don't believe me? Compair mine to any women who shaves and you will see how much better my pussy smells and taste. Plus, my pussy is always wet. Why? I am always horny so my juice is always flowing for you to enjoy. My price starts at $35.00! (with free shipping) Plus, I enjoy my panties for at least 2 days for you!!!! Your panties will then be packed in a zip lock bag, and sent in a plain packege with a tracking number to help ensure your privacy. What are you still reading for? Buy a pair now!
Your wet and hairy mistress
Jazmin <3

One thing I will never do is a shopping cart. I like to get to know you a little better. I do everything through my Email so you know you are getting a fresh pair, not a pair that has been in a zip lock already for a few weeks. I want your pair to be as fresh as possible when they get to you.
Want something special done with your panties? Email me your ideas. There might be an additional charge, but I will make sure it is worth it for you! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Below are a few samples from panties of the past, and and some are what I have now. I hope you enjoy them!

You Want those special panties to be pissed in? I will make that happen for just $5.00 more!

Want some nice Photos? How about a sexy video of me wearing what you order and enjoying it?

Want some nice photos to go with that special pair of panties for just $10.00 more? Get your 10 photos of me in the panties you order to make that special time even better! Or have some special time watching me play with my self to your own VIDEO! You won't pay $9.99 a min, not even $6.99 a min. With me, you will get a 5 min video of me playing in what your order for only $20.00 <3 Want to just have a video of my playing with my toys? 5 min video of me getting off is only $25.00. Want more? Want less? Let me know and we will work it out to make us both happy!

Into a nice dirty bra?
I have many in need of a new home! Email me so that we can talk about what kind and color you desire! Prices will be set up on every individual buy due to the price of a bra varies so much. Let me know if you want one bought new and unwashed so there is zero perfume smell from any detergents<3

Have a foot fetish?
Do you love the look of a womens foot? Do you love the smell of a womens foot after being bound all day in a nice tight shoe? Does the smell of the sweat drive you into a no return of the horniest state of mind imaginable? Buy my dirty socks, fishnet thigh highs, or pantie hose! email me so that we can talk about what kind and color you desire! Prices will be set up on every individual buy due to the vast price difference. Let me know if you want one bought new and unwashed so there is zero perfume smell from any detergents<3

Return and Refund Policy!
Time for some of the B.S. to keep you and I out of trouble. Please read carfully!
My return or refund policy is simple. All sales are final at time of sale. There will be no refund, and no return excepted for any and all items that have been delivered. All are sent with a tracking number. If a fail of delivery is found at fault for not signing for the item, no refund will be given and no return will be excepted. If you give me the wrong address, or an incomplete address, i will not issue a refund. If there is a fail of delivery for any reason where I am at fault, or the company used to transport the item is at fault, I will issue a full refund. Be sure to input your correct email address as I may need to ask you a question about your mailing address.
Your wet and hairy mistress
Jazmin <3

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